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Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre - Home of the Australian Animal Cancer Foundation


Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre (BVSC + The Animal Hospital) is much more than just a purpose built, state of the art veterinary facility providing outstanding modern medical and surgical equipment. It is a place where you find caring professionals dedicated to animal health and the wellbeing of the pet and the owner.

BVSC’s innovative facility includes three sterile surgical suites, a high energy radiation therapy linear accelerator with a three dimensional treatment planner, a large fully equipped intensive care unit with modern patient ventilators, a CT scanner, access to MRI, a computerized radiography suite, ultrasonography, endoscopy and arthroscopy equipment for minimally invasive surgery, a modern in-house automated laboratory, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, two I-131 treatments for hyperthyroid in cats and much more. At the heart of this cutting-edge hospital are the people.

I am Rod Straw, the Director of BVSC + The Animal Hospital and I am very proud to work along-side the best surgery, medicine and radiation specialists, residents, interns, dentists, emergency staff, physiotherapists, radiotherapists, ophthalmologists, nurses, receptionists, administrative staff and cleaners. We have a wonderful team who all care for each and every client and each and every animal. It is this team that successfully drives our facility and equipment to bring to our clients caring and compassionate care for their pets.

We look forward to taking care of you and your pets at BVSC.

Rod Straw (Director)


Call us today on 07 3264 9400 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Our existing service was so popular that this led to long waiting times for some patients. Now that we have doubled our capacity, it will be much easier to book in cats for treatment.

Radioactive Iodine Therapy (I-131) is a very safe and effective treatment for feline hyperthyroidism that has an approximately 95% cure rate and no direct side effects for the patient.

For the majority of hyperthyroid cats, radioactive iodine treatment is the treatment of choice.




BVSC + The Animal Hospital


Opening Hours are 7am – 6pm weekdays, with Emergency and Critical Care open at all other times.

BVSC Specialists are on call after hours, ensuring your pet has the best possible care.

BVSC + The Specialist Clinic


Opening Hours are Monday to Saturday, including some evenings – By Appointment Only

The Specialist Clinic is for Specialist consultations and offers after-hours flexibility for our busy clients.

For more information regarding ‘BVSC + The Animal Hospital’ or ‘BVSC + The Specialist Clinic’ contact our friendly Client Service Team on 07 3264 9400.

Location of BVSC

Both BVSC + The Animal Hospital and BVSC + The Specialist Clinic are within walking distance of each other.

For directions CLICK HERE to download a PDF


Contact us on 07 3264 9400 or email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

BVSC is the only veterinary facility in the southern hemisphere to house a high energy radiation therapy unit, the linear accelerator (linac) with a proven track record.


Testimonial: "Our beloved family dog, Duncan was diagnosed with a brain tumour and was flown from Sydney to Brisbane to undergo radiation treatment.  The vets and staff at the vet hospital were wonderful.  We were kept up to date with regular photos and phone calls letting us know of his progress during the month of his treatment.  The staff at BVSC went that extra mile for Duncan and for us, his family in Sydney.  We will be forever grateful."

Kerrie and Eric, NSW