+ Osteosarcoma



This is primary bone cancer and it is relatively common in dogs, especially large and giant breeds.  It is almost exactly the same as osteosarcoma in humans. We are researching some proteins in these cancer cells in dogs which may prove useful in early detection of cancer spread and help target effective treatment while reducing toxicity. For more information click here.

Our previous research with another study identified a drug, Auranofin, which improved survival in male dogs with osteosarcoma.  For more information click here. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31441983/#


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At BVSC we have completed a study in conjunction with the Centre of Advanced Imaging at the UQ using PET-CT with a novel radiolabelled peptide, 64Cu-SARTATETM, aimed to target osteosarcoma cells. In the long term, this diagnostic agent has the potential to be developed into targeted therapy for animals and humans with osteosarcoma. Positron emission tomography - computed tomography (PET-CT) is a very powerful diagnostic tool which marries a physiological study using a radio isotope with a radiographic study creating a three dimensional image profile. This shows both the primary tumour and staging.

We would like to thank everyone who referred cases and who was involved in this important research study, which will provide invaluable evidence in the quest to find targeted cancer therapy. The interim results have proved promising and a research paper will be written.

For more information, please emailrods@bvsc.com.au orjuliac@bvsc.com.au, or call Dr Rod Straw on 07 3264 9400.


BVSCPET CT OsteoStudyHeader