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Surrounding our patients is what we do so you know your pet is in good hands. Meet our wonderful team!

Nathan Ellemor BVSCJohn Rackely

+ Hospital Cleaner | Caretaker

John travelled extensively as a child due to having parents working for the British Government, High Commission.  Consequently, he was schooled in India, Bangladesh and Vancouver.  John worked in various capacities with the Queensland Government, including Operations & Facilities Manager.  He has also been a Operations Manager at TAFE, Manager of International Flowers, Import & Export in Melbourne, a Security & Fleet Co-ordinator as well as an apprenticeship with GAC Government Aircraft, Electronic Engineering.  This career spanned over 20 years until he decided to work in Southeast Asia where he taught English, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.  He met his wife Rose whilst overseas and eventually decided to return to Australia.  John joined BVSC in 2018 and has become a valuable asset to our team.

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