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Surrounding our patients is what we do so you know your pet is in good hands. Meet our wonderful team!

ZoeGill BVSCChloe Funk

BVSC + Rotating Nurse

Chloe was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to Canada where she obtained her first degree in Marketing. It was while she was working as a vet nurse in Hong Kong in between school breaks that she discovered she was more interested in vet nursing.

Because of her love of animals, Chloe moved to Australia to study a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology at the University of Queensland and completed this in 2018. She began her vet nursing career at a general practice and  after a year, Chloe wanted to challenge herself so she applied for a position at a specialist practice and is very excited to be working as a full-time rotating nurse at BVSC. 

+ Nurse Chloe

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ZoeGill BVSCZoe Gill

BVSC + Surgery Nurse

Zoe was born and raised on a small acreage property in the south west of Brisbane, where she had a large variety of animals as pets and developed her passion and love for all creatures great and small. She moved to the Sunshine Coast during her school years and began a school-based traineeship at a country practice, completing her Cert II in Veterinary Nursing. Being exposed to both large and small animals cemented her passion for animal care and drove her thirst for further knowledge.

Zoe continued at this country practice where she completed her Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2018. After 5 years at this country practice it was now time to expand her skill set with more advanced nursing which has lead her to commence further studies at AIRC, studying a Diploma of veterinary nursing in emergency and critical care and joining the team at BVSC. 

Zoe has a thirst for knowledge and thrives under pressure, focussing on utilising her passion and skills to ensure the best outcome possible for patients and their owners. She owns a beautiful border collie, who is now a little grey around the muzzle and is loved more with every passing year.  Her interests include studying, beach walks, mountain hikes and laughing with friends and family.

+ Nurse Zoe

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