BVSC + Covid-19
Telehealth Consultations + In-Person Consultations


+ Covid19 


At BVSC your pet’s care is our top priority. BVSC is an essential service and will continue treating our patients throughout COVID-19. 

We want to keep everyone safe so we can continue to treat your pets.

Below are our current guidelines.


+ In-Person Consultation at BVSC 

+ If you have any respiratory symptoms, we please ask that you wear a mask in the waiting room and in the consult room.

+ Personal safety is very important to us. You may be asked to wear a mask in the consult room if you cannot socially distance. 



+ Telehealth Consultation at BVSC

+ We ask our Pet Owners to call upon arrival from their vehicle or outside the clinic
+ You will be able to drop off your pet and be greeted by one of our dedicated staff who will ensure your pet receives our specialist care with compassion
+ Our clinicians will then contact you via phone or on your computer/device for a Telehealth consultation. 
+ Payment for your consultation (or medication pick up) is contactless
+ Your pet, and any medication, will be returned to the agreed location

For more information on your Telehealth Consultation Appointment please download the following information  - BVSC Telehealth Information for Clients.

Please call one of our friendly Client service team officers on 07 3264 9400 if you require more information.

 Thank you for your understanding and support.