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Returning and improving function while controlling pain

+ Physiotherapy at BVSC 

+ pre and post - operative rehabilitation + joint conditions + osteoarthritis spinal pain fracture repair muscle, tendon and ligament injuries + paralysis, paresis, palsy + all orthopaedic or neurological conditions + gait abnormalities + poor conditioning + obesity

+ What is Animal Physiotherapy?

Animal Physiotherapy works on the same principles as Human Physiotherapy and aims to accelerate recovery, restore function and movement, reduce pain and inflammation, improve strength and maximise performance. Physiotherapy is a well established profession in the human sporting and health care field that is now becoming recognised as a valuable adjunct to veterinary management of animals to ensure optimal treatment and recovery. Animal Physiotherapy is performed by a qualified human physiotherapist with Masters training in Animal or Veterinary Physiotherapy. 

+ Why and when to use Animal Physiotherapy?

Animals are subjected to similar injuries and conditions just like humans. Injury leads to pain, functional deterioration and poor performance. Early physiotherapy intervention is recommended, even pre surgery to minimise secondary complications or compensations. 

+ Who is our Animal Physiotherapist? 

SandraSharpeBVSCSandra Sharpe

BVSC + Physiotherapist - BPhty  BEx Sci  Msc Vet Phty

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Sandra is a qualified animal and human physiotherapist. She completed a dual Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Bachelor of Exercise Science in 2004. She spent several years honing her skills predominately as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist within both the private and public health sector in Australia, the UK and Ireland. Whilst abroad she completed a Masters in Veterinary Physiotherapy at the Royal Veterinary College (UK) in 2008 and achieved several awards for her academic success. 

Sandra returned to Australia and started working as an animal physiotherapist at BVSC in 2010 and has been with the team ever since. She is also the animal physiotherapist at VSS Carrara (Veterinary Specialist Services) and the Pet Wellness Centre on the Gold Coast. 

Sandra has a special interest in assisting the working and sporting dog back to high-level competition and working duty following injury. She is equally passionate about rehabilitating spinal patients and getting all of her patients back to optimal functioning

+  Member Australian Physiotherapy Association   + Member of the Animal Physiotherapy Group

+ Techniques

Physiotherapists use a wide variety of techniques to improve pain and function. The focus of treatment is on functional rehabilitation and Sandra places a strong emphasis on a tailored home exercise   in addition to her 'hands on treatments'. 

Treatment techniques include spinal and mobilisation, massage, stretches, dry needling, western acupuncture, kinesiotaping, prescription of assistive aids/ braces when required and shockwave therapy.  Strength and stability exercises take place in the physio gym and Sandra prides herself in ensuring she takes the time to make all her patients feel comfortable with physio treatments and in the clinic.  


Sandra provides a thorough 1 hour assessment including hands-on treatment, advice and provision of home program.  Following consultations are 30 minutes.

An initial letter will be sent to the referring veterinarian following the consultation.

To read more about treatments provided by Sandra go to our information sheets on this website.


Treatment should begin as soon as possible after an injury, preferably in the early stages (even prior to surgery) to minimise secondary complications and maximise recovery. If you are not sure if Physiotherapy is appropriate and when is a good time to start feel free to ring any time to discuss your options. 

+ Physiotherapy Benefits Include:

+ Acceleration of rehabilitation process and restoration of function
+ Reduction of pain and inflammation
+ Improvement of joint range of motion and muscle strength
+ Prevention of further movement dysfunctions or injuries
+ Optimisation of performance in sport/show

+ Conditions Treated:

+ Orthopaedic – cruciate ligament (knee), fractures, hip/elbow dysplasia, muscle and tendon injuries, patella luxation
+ Neurological – including spinal injury, peripheral nerve, FCE
+ Pre and Post surgical for any musculoskeletal/neurological condition
+ Degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis, geriatric)
+ Back pain/ injury
+ Soft tissue/ sporting injuries
+ Poor conditioning (e.g. following cancer treatments, obesity, cardiovascular)
+ Geriatric Vestibular Disease



Animal Physiotherapy is performed on a referral only basis - therefore all animals must have a veterinary referral *

* This allows both the Veterinarian and Physiotherapist to work together ensuring the animal receives the best possible management of their condition. 



+ For Pet Owners - Make An Appointment
Call BVSC on 07 3264 9400 to schedule a time. Appointments are available every Tuesday and some Thursdays. Initial appointments are 1 hour in length.
+ For Veterinarians - Refer A Client:
Please complete a BVSC referral form and forward clinical summary to Please instruct Pet Owners to call BVSC on 07 3264 9400 to make an appointment.

Directions to BVSC + The Specialist Clinic

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BVSC + The Specialist Clinic  57 Old Northern Road Albany Creek Qld 4035


Physiotherapy at BVSC
Physiotherapy at BVSC
Physiotherapy at BVSC
Physiotherapy at BVSC
Physiotherapy at BVSC
Physiotherapy at BVSC
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