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BVSC is dedicated to providing continuing education to our veterinary colleagues
BVSC + Continuing Education
Continuing Education evenings provide an opportunity to speak to our team
BVSC + Continuing Education
BVSC's own seminar room provides an everyday learning space for onsite continuing education
BVSC + Continuing Education
Providing continuing education for our colleagues in the veterinary industry

+ BVSC Continuing Education

BVSC is dedicated to providing continuing education for our colleagues in the veterinary industry.

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+ BVSC + Nurse Webinar EveningDachsundBVSC

+  Canine Intervertebral Disc Herniation - Are you prepared?


     Wednesday 26th May 2021

     7pm (QLD TIME)


 It's 5pm on a Friday evening, kits are wrapped, theatre has been cleaned and everything is calm. Then…the phone rings.  A non-ambulatory dachshund is on its way down…everyone scrambles. Where is the CT tech? Is the sugairtome sterile? 

 Spinal patients can be some of the most challenging and yet most rewarding patients for veterinary nurses. We will answer the what, the why and the how of IVDD to better prepare you for these cases.  From the 5pm Friday admit, to the first steps post-surgery or the medically managed patient.  

 This webinar will cover admission to discharge, the disease itself and treatment options both surgical and medical, husbandry and how nurses can ensure the best outcomes for their patients and owners. 

PaigeTaylor BVSC1

Paige Taylor
   Primary Surgery Nurse

Paige graduated from NSW TAFE in 2012 with a Certificate IV in veterinary nursing. 

Since then, Paige has worked as a vet nurse in general practices, as well as two wildlife hospitals. 

During this time Paige furthered her studies in anaesthesia related topics.  

Paige joined BVSC in 2015 as a Secondary Surgery Nurse and in 2017 was

promoted to Primary Surgery Nurse.  Paige has two cats, Lucy and Lilly,

a bourkes parrakeet, Frenchie, and Riley her moodle (pictured here) .

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The Australian Veterinary Nurse and Technician (AVNAT)

Regulartory Council has allocated

1 AVNAT CPD point to this continuing

education activity. 



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