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Students of Veterinary Science, Veterinary Technology and Veterinary Nursing are the future of our profession as they are our upcoming animal health advocates.  At BVSC, one of our core values is responsibility and we feel that one of our responsibilities is the future of animal health.  It is good then that we love teaching students! We believe our student training program is one of the best as we execute our responsibility to pass on knowledge and train skills to Veterinary Students and Trainee Nurses ensuring ongoing improvements in animal health.

Undergraduate veterinary students from the University of Queensland, James Cook University, Melbourne University, The University of Sydney, Charles Sturt University, Murdoch University, The University of Adelaide and Massey University of New Zealand have trained at BVSC and we continue to take students from these institutions for their clinical placement programs.  We also host students from other international universities such as from Europe, UK, Asia, The United States and other countries.  We commonly help with the clinical training of veterinary nurses from various TAFE courses, private training institutions and the degree course at the University of Queensland.

BVSC Student ProgrammeWe take the responsibility of training seriously.  Students are welcomed and receive orientation before being assigned a “buddy”, to guide them through their placement in our busy hospital and ensure the students get the most out of their time with us.  We provide an active training experience and interact with visiting students as they follow and help our specialist teams in their clinical duties.  The aim is to build on the advanced education the students have had so far and consolidate their clinical wisdom and skills as well as contextualise their knowledge.  They experience our “Specialty Care with Compassion” first-hand and we hope this will imprint on them the importance of their future role in our community and allow them to be the best version of themselves professionally and personally.

We continue to help our students after their placement by making our services available to them and keeping lines of communications open.  Veterinary students are our new colleagues.  We welcome them to the profession and commit to supporting them through their careers.  We are here for them in their times of need whether that is for help with case management or for support for personal or mental health issues.  We care.

Should students wish to consider going down the specialist training pathway, one of the things we provide is our booklet on “Becoming a Veterinary Specialist”.  Students also form relationships during their placements with our Hospital Veterinarians, Interns, Residents and Registrars so they can get a feel for what it is like to train to become a specialist.  Learning communication skills and professional work ethics are vital to student training and our students have the opportunity to learn all this at BVSC.

We have expanded this training to include new graduates. We participate in the VetPartners Graduate Acedemy as well as encourage new graduates to reach out to us for guidance and mentorship.

Veterinary Students and Trainee Veterinary Nurses wishing to attend BVSC on placement should contact our Student Training Liaison Officer at this email address: . 

We look forward to your visit and we will make you very welcome. 


Dr Straw is pictured here training Kathryn Warnick who is a 5th year vet student from the University of Queensland and Edward Guiney who is a 4th year vet student from JCU in Townsville with patient Molly.  

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