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SarahRichardsonBVSCDr Gail Jackson

+ Hospital Veterinarian - BVSc 

Gail was born in the UK and moved to Melbourne when she was very young and then moved to the Sunshine Coast to complete her high school education. After completing her Bachelor Degree in Veterinary Science at James Cook University, Gail starter her career in general practice in Canberra and then moved back to Brisbane. The next four years of her career Gail worked in Emergency at AES Underwood and Jindalee and occasionally at the Tanawha and Gold Coast clinics. As part of fulfilling a lifelong dream of doing charity work, Gail then moved into shelter work for a while before taking the important role at BVSC as a Hospital Veterinarian. This role enables Gail to work emergency cases which can be quite complex at times.

Gail's family consists of two primary age step daughters and the lovely Indy, (pictured here), who is her walking buddy. As a creative outlet, she also enjoys journalling, sketching and crochet as well as going to the gym.



Dr Gail Jackson with Indy