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SarahRichardsonBVSCDr Laura Gilbar

+ Ophthalmology Resident - BVSc (Hons)

Laura was born and raised in Rockhampton and moved to Brisbane to study at the University of Queensland in 2020, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science with First Class Honours.  She then went on to complete a Small Animal Rotating internship at ARH. She enjoyed being able to work in various departments and found it rewarding to follow patients from start to finish. It was when she completed her final year placement at BVSC that Laura became interested in ophthalmology (a profession that combinates  medicine and surgery) after seeing Dr Anna Deykin do cataract surgery. Laura has now joined the Ophthalmology team of Dr Anna Deykin and Dr Sarah Richardson.  . 

In her spare time, Laura enjoys running, baking, sewing and spending time with her family at the beach.