BVSC + Patient Stories
We believe pets are family and deserve the best care


At Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre, we are dedicated to the providing the best service and care for our patients by working closely with our referring veterinarians.

We surround our patients and the veterinary teams who refer them with our signature specialist care with compassion.

To deliver best care, we have knowledge, experience, skill, and access to technology and equipment which is aligned with our VisionMission and Core Values.


At BVSC we have treated many wonderful patients with various conditions.  By reading some of their stories we hope you find comfort in knowing that your pet is in good hands and there are good outcomes for many serious conditions.

Here are some of our wonderful BVSC Superstars. Here are their stories. 

 + Histiocytic Sarcoma

Boris The British Bulldog

 + Histiocytic Sarcoma

Read Boris' Story

 + Osteosarcoma (OSA)

Ace The Greyhound Cross

 + Osteosarcoma (OSA)

Read Ace's Story

+ Malignant Melanoma

Leopold The Schnauzer

+ Malignant Melanoma

Read Leopold's Story

 + Oral Tumour

Toby The Mini Foxie X

 + Oral Tumour

Read Toby's Story

BVSC + specialty care with compassion

Our Vision

At Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre, OUR VISION is a world where all animals will be provided specialty care with compassion. We will ensure quality of life for animals through nurturing the human-animal bond and be at the forefront of advancements in veterinary science, technology and collaborative research, whilst consistently fulfi lling our duty of care to our patients, their owners, our referring veterinarians, our colleagues, and to the society we serve.