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DrRodStrawBVSC'We have a wonderful team who care for each and every pet owner and each and every pet with compassion. Our team works closely together to surround each patient ensuring they get the best care.It is this team that successfully drives our facility and equipment to bring to our pet owners specialist, compassionate care for their pets.  We are here because we believe pets are family and deserve the best care.  We look forward to taking care of you and your pets at BVSC.’

– Dr Rod Straw    


Established in 2004 by Dr Rod Straw, Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre is much more than just a purpose built, state of the art veterinary facility providing outstanding modern medical and surgical equipment. 

It is where a team of highly trained and experienced professionals share a vision to end pain and suffering in animals, deliver them the best quality of life possible whilst continuing to advance our knowledge to bring this vision to a reality.


BVSC + specialty care with compassion

Our Mission

is to provide expert medical care to our animals, in a supportive, respectful, compassionate and collaborative environment.

Our Vision

is a world where all animals will be provided specialty care with compassion. We will ensure quality of life for animals through nurturing the human-animal bond and be at the forefront of advancements in veterinary science, technology, and collaborative research, whilst consistently fulfilling our duty of care to our patients, their owners, our referring veterinarians, our colleagues, and to the society we serve.

BVSC CoreValues



We are all committed to enhancing the Human-Animal bond by providing genuine care and attention to every patient.



 We have an inherent sense of ethical and moral duty in all that we do.



 We are responsible to our animal patients, the people who own them, to the referring veterinarians who entrust their clients to our care, to the BVSC staff and their families, to the environment we inhabit, and to the societies we serve.



With a world-class facility featuring the current technology, our team will lead the way in animal health, continuing education, and business management.



Fostering creativity and ethical collaborative research allows us to challenge and discover new treatment options to improve quality of life.