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Caring for the whole patient is so important.  The surgery team at BVSC surrounds our patients with our Specialty Care with Compassion, our amazing technology, our expertise and years of experience to ensure best outcomes.

We deliver accurate preoperative evaluation with sophisticated clinical pathology tests, advanced imaging, high quality anaesthesia and analgesia, with the best critical care support to ensure our specialist surgery team can perform their magic.  Our hospital delivers a multidisciplinary approach, integrating and immersing patients in our specialist services while keeping continuity of care and communication with pet owners and referring veterinarians.  All our experts meet daily to discuss case management, ensuring our patients benefit in so many ways. Our surgery team are passionate about what they do and deliver our signature Specialty Care with Compassion to every patient.

  + Meet the Surgery Team - Dr Katherine SteeleDr Harvey Saunders, Dr Marvin Kung, Dr Rod Straw

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At BVSC our surgeons are specialised in many different surgical procedures.

Our orthopaedic surgeons are highly trained and use traditional surgery, minimally invasive surgery and nonsurgical means to treat trauma of the musculoskeletal system, spinal diseases, degenerative diseases, infections, tumours and congenital or developmental disorders - problems with tissues such as the bones, joints, ligaments tendons and muscles.
Our surgeons are trained in the latest techniques to operate on the delicate soft tissues of the respiratory tract including the lungs, the gastrointestinal tract, the liver, the urinary tract as well as other intrathoracic and intra-abdominal organs and the skin. Backed by our critical care and internal medicine team and with facilities such as our hyperbaric oxygen chamber your pet is in great hands.
Whether it is to decompress a damaged spinal cord due to intervertebral disc rupture or to remove a tumour from the brain, spinal cord or nerve, our surgeons are here to get the job done and have the equipment and prowess to provide the best care for your pet with surgical neurological disease.
Minimally invasive surgery uses very small incisions to reduce trauma to the body and speed recovery times. Fine, specifically designed instruments and endoscopy equipment is used to allow the surgeon to see using our high definition camera system. This is a growing area in veterinary medicine and BVSC is on the cutting edge.
Effective cancer treatment relies on the surgical oncologist performing the correct procedure accurately the first time around. This is what we are trained to do and we work closely with our specialist colleagues in medicine, radiation oncology, radiology, anaesthesiology, critical care and pathology to get the best outcome for pets with cancer.
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