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At Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre, we are dedicated to the providing the best service and care for our patients by working closely with our referring veterinarians.

We surround our patients and the veterinary teams who refer them with our signature specialist care with compassion.

To deliver best care, we have knowledge, experience, skill, and access to technology and equipment which is aligned with our VisionMission and Core Values.

+ Surgery

+ Orthopaedic + Soft Tissue + Neurological
+ Minimally Invasive + Surgical Oncology

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+ Internal Medicine

+ Gastroenterology + Neurology + Cardiorespiratory
+ Intensive Care + Medical Oncology + Hepatology
+ Haematology + Chemotherapy + I-131 Treatment

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+ Radiation Therapy

+ Stereotactic Radiation (SRT)
+ Radiation Oncology + Half Body Irradiation
+ Curative and Palliative Radiation Therapy

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+ Ophthalmology

+ Surgical + Medical + Electroretinography
+ Cataract & Corneal Surgery + Eyelid Disorders
+ Eye Examination For Breeding

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+ Dentistry

+ Root Canal Therapy + Crown Height Reductions
+ Oral Surgery + Extractions + Periodontal Treatment
+ Orthodontics + Crown + Restorations
+ Bite Evaluations

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+ Diagnostic Services

+ Advanced Imaging (MRI + CT Scan + PET-CT)
+ Ultrasound + Radiography + Echocardiogram
+ Interventional Procedures + Nuclear Medicine
+ Arthroscopy + Endoscopy + Blood & Urine Testing
+ Bone Marrow & Spinal Fluid Collection

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+ Physiotherapy

+ Pre and Post-Operative Rehabilitation
+ Joint Conditions + Osteoarthritis + Spinal Pain
+ Fracture Repair + Muscle, Tendon, Ligament Injuries
+ Paralysis, Paresis, Palsy
+ All Orthopaedic or Neurological Conditions
+ Gait Abnormalities + Poor Conditioning + Obesity

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+ I-131 Treatment

+ Treatment for hyperthyroidism in cats

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+ Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment


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+ Emergency

+ Vomiting + Paralysis + Heat Stress
+ Straining to Urinate or Defecate + Trauma
+ Abdominal Bloating + Pain + Snake Bite
+ Respiratory Difficulties
+ Fatigue + ANY Symptoms Causing Concerns

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+ This is what we do

Our unique, highly skilled,  experienced and comprehensive multidisciplinary team approach, encompassing the latest technology and research in medical, surgical and radiation oncology, ensures the best possible management for each and every individual patient. 

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Making a Referral

Thank you for referring to Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre. Please find the relevant BVSC forms to print and use for your referrals.

Download Patient Referral Form

Please send the completed form by EMAIL to or FAX 07 3319 6398

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Please send the completed form by EMAIL to or FAX 07 3319 6398

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BVSC + The Animal Hospital & BVSC + The Specialist Clinic at 53 & 57 Old Northern Road, Albany Creek, Brisbane.

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Please send the completed form by EMAIL to or FAX 07 3319 6398

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